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Here are how to install them:

How to install:

Exit Mozilla and go to the folder corresponding to your OS  

Windows 9x or ME C:/Windows/Application Data/Mozilla/Profiles/profile_name/fe2L6an6.sit/chrome
Windows XP/2000 C:/Documents and Settings/user_name/Application Data/Mozilla/Profiles/profile_name/fe2L6an6.sit/chrome
Mac OS 9/8 HD:Documents:Mozilla:Profiles:profile_name:chrome
Mac OS X /Users/user_name/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/profile_name/chrome

Find userchrome.css (If it is not there, Make a copy of userchrome-example.css and rename it userchrome.css).

Now add this to the end of userchrome.css:

#navigator-throbber {
list-style-image : url("throbber-single.gif") !important;

#navigator-throbber[busy="true"] {
list-style-image : url("throbber-anim.gif") !important;

Put the .gif's in the same folder of userchrome.css and change the filenames in the userchrome.css file respectively to match the real filenames

Now restart Mozilla and it will be there (If the throbber of the theme is different it will not be shown, only your throbber will be shown) 

I'm not sure if this works for Firebird but e-mail me if you know it does

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