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The Throbbers

To install, Click the links and right click each of the images and select Save Picture As

To make a comment, scroll down


 Mozilla color change

      Still  Moving 

 Firebird Color change (Classic)

     Still     Moving

 Mozilla N1 throbber Reunion

     Still     Moving

 Firebird color change 2.0

 Changelog: Changed colors that it changed to, Changed it from FB to F, As by a request on IRC, It's now in vector

     Still     Moving

  Bouncing F 

      Still    Moving  

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[1] Submitted by: cdn Thursday June 12th 2003

what's not fixed ?

[2] Submitted by: Viper Tuesday June 17th 2003

The up-to-date check problem

[3] Submitted by: Viperlin Wednesday June 18th 2003

the links don't work

[4] Submitted by: Viper Thursday June 19th 2003

They do work (To save it you right or control click on mac and select save picture as)

[5] Submitted by: rusty Friday July 25th 2003

bug: these all look awful.

[6] Submitted by: Gold Wednesday July 30th 2003

Could you add the Still and Moving images to this page so we don't have to visit each link to see what we're getting?

Also, setting up an install .xpi would make installation a lot better.

Finally, throw up some instructions on how these are produced and allow user contributed throbbers.

[7] Submitted by: Gold Wednesday July 30th 2003

I'd also have to agree with rusty. They're not the best.

[8] Submitted by: clay Wednesday August 6th 2003

just you pulled them off of geocities or something...

[9] Submitted by: Alex Sunday August 31st 2003

Nice project!

[10] Submitted by: Rodrigo Monday September 1st 2003

I agree with Alex, it is a nice project!
Will you add the default throbber?, just in case anyone wants to get it again ;-)

[11] Submitted by: aoi Friday September 5th 2003

I'm pretty sure that to get the default throbber back, all one has to do is erase the added lines of userchrome.css that are described on the installation page.

[12] Submitted by: Viper Sunday September 7th 2003

Yes I might add that to my tutorial

[13] Submitted by: dsmith Monday September 8th 2003

How about the old "fire breathing godzilla" throbber that was in the old 4.x non-windows netscape? You know, the one that appeared after "about:mozilla"?

[14] Submitted by: Tom Saturday September 13th 2003

Mozilla color change: Nice throbber - but how could I make it small (for fullscreen e.a.) Thanks